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A lot of us might be wondering why we get redirected to while we try to download movies on this site, Well that’s not a problem or an Issue if you follow the steps below

1.) Click on the Download link provided below the Movie Post

The Download link is the Link provided in a strong text below the post you’re reading just like what you’re below in the blue Circle

2.) Don’t Panic when  you’re directed to 

Some of us get scared away anytime a website directs us to something uncommon either while trying to download movies or something else. 90loaded is totally different from those spam junks website. As soon as you click on the Downlink link that i talked about above, you get something like this;

3.) Be patient while it says Loading in Order to provide the exact Download link

Once you get to the website, All you need to do is be patient for few seconds and the Download in Green will pop up for you

4.) Click on the Download in Green and You’ll be redirected to an ad link

Once you’re redirected to the ad website after clicking on  the green download button, all you need to do is close the redirection page and your download will automatically starts on your Initial page, For me that was the ad link that popped up and I closed it immediately

After closing this tab, It’ll take you back to the previous tab ( where your download starts Automatically


Thank you for Visiting….